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    Does the Vice President need any recommendation letters sent directly to him and not the naval academy? I need to know so that I can request another letter for the VP as well from my counselor.

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    I just went to a USNA admissions briefing at Annapolis on monday and I believe that all you need to do is send in the letter that you get from online. however, part of the naval academy application requires essays for something from a math teacher, english teacher, and counselor. when you get ur candidate information in the mail and log into the system, you can add the email of your teachers and the academy will email your teachers directly.
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    Anyone who is applying to USNA should be reading through their web page, particularly the section "Steps for Admission." Here's the link to the "Apply for Nomination" page:

    Here's the exact posting from regarding the VP nomination:

    The Vice-President of the U.S.:

    At any one time, five students may attend the academy based on a vice presidential nomination. Competition for a vice presidential nomination is nationwide, therefore, it is very keen. U.S. citizens who are living outside the United States and who have not maintained a domicile in the U.S. are encouraged to apply for a vice presidential nomination.

    Application dates: Must be postmarked between 1 March and 31 October of the year prior to admission.

    Apply to: Students must submit only their letter of application to the address below for this nomination.

    The Vice President

    Old Executive Office Building

    ATTN: Service Academy Nominations
    Washington, DC 20501

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