Virginia Academy Day!

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    Sorry this is in the wrong section,I can't seem to post in Academy Events. This is copied from an email I recieved today. I went last year, and it was awesome! Very informational.

    "Virginia students interested in attending one of the nation's service academies are encouraged to attend the 2014 Virginia Academy Day from 10AM to 1PM on Saturday,

    March 29th at The Paramount Theater in Charlottesville, Virginia.

    Representatives from the U.S. Military Academy, U.S. Naval Academy, U.S. Air Force Academy, U.S. Merchant Marine Academy and the U.S. Coast Guard Academy will be in attendance. In addition, representatives from ROTC programs, the Virginia Military Institute and the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets have been invited. You may register for the event at:

    My application for a service academy nomination for the class of 2019 is now available on my website: The deadline for completed applications to be received in my office is Friday, September 26, 2014 at 5 PM. No application received after that time will be considered. Please email my Vienna office at if you have questions during the application process.

    Thank you for your interest in the service academies.

    United States Senator "

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