Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets questions

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    Hello all,
    Just a few questions:
    1. In the VTCC, if you are a member of say Navy ROTC, are you issued naval uniforms as well or just the VTCC uniforms?
    2. I noticed TVs are on the list of non authorized items for New Cadet Week. Is this jut for NC Week or for te academic year?
    3. During the academic year is there still significant free time/time on your own?
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    1. Depends on the ROTC. Navy kids usually dont get issued their uniforms until they contract.

    2. Freshmen are never allowed to have TVs in the dorms.

    3. As a freshman, not really. As an upperclassmen, youll have plenty of free time depending on your academic schedule and what kind of leadership positions you hold in the Corps/ROTC.

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