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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by RS1, May 9, 2015.

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    I just finished my 100 year in AFROTC and I am thinking about being a pilot. I wear eyeglasses and was wondering what are the vision requirements for being a pilot. Are there different requirements for different classes of planes? ie heavies vs fighters. Would the air force provide lasik surgery for me in order for me to pursue a pilot career? I am not positive but I believe my vision is around 1800/1800.
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    Got this information right off the AFROTC page.

    Normal color vision
    Distant vision: uncorrected 20/70, but corrected to 20/20
    Near vision: uncorrected 20/30, but corrected to 20/20
    Note: Corrective eye surgery could be a disqualifier.
    Meet refraction, accommodation and astigmatism requirements
    Have no history of hay fever, asthma or allergies after age 12
    Meet Air Force weight and physical conditioning requirements
    Have standing height of 64 to 77 inches and sitting height of 34 to 40 inches

    Note: DODMERB determines whether you are medically qualified for the program. Physicals normally take six to eight weeks to process.

    I'm actually going for Pilot myself(AS200 going to FT this summer actually in a few weeks) but I don't have a vision problem (20/15). I do have buddies that do though. They were told the only way the would qualify for a Pilot slot would be to get PRK. Not really sure about it so I'm not going to give you any false information. I am going to give you a little advice though. You shouldn't worry about Pilot slots right now your main focus should be the AFOQT. That's a huge deal that a lot of cadets are just bypassing like they know they'll pass. I've heard a lot from the class below me talking about the high SFT rate and yeah it was high this year but doesn't mean that you all are just a shoo-in for FT. So I'd say worry about getting your GPA, AFOQT & PFT scores as high as you can. Pilot talk can come after that. Just some friendly advice.

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