Vision Waiver


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Oct 11, 2017
I am a current senior and I have finished my USNA application (minus the nomination). I have been informed that I have failed the vision requirement for the Academy as my on eye is not in the standards. I am wondering the likelihood of a medical waiver for the situation I am in. My left eye is 20/200, correctable to 20/25. This is obviously not in their standards, however my right eye is a perfect 20/20 uncorrected. I only wear one contact to make sure that my left eye does not turn out since it is not as strong as my right. Even without wearing the contact, with both eyes open, I can see perfectly fine. I was just wondering the likelihood of a vision waiver in this particular Academy and this particular circumstance. Thanks for any help.
Vision waivers are probably the most common medical waiver, and almost routinely granted . However, I believe there is a limit on how many waivers can be granted. This creates another funnel or decision point for Admissions. This is probably not a major issue for most candidates, but could make the difference when Admissions is trying to chose between two equally qualified candidates.