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  1. Saul

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    Aug 26, 2010
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    Hello everybody. Ive decided that i am going to apply early decision to VMI this coming fall. I do have just a few questions

    Is there any data on how many apply ED, and how many are accepted (GPA, SAT Scores, ect).

    Do you have to declare a major on the application?

    Are you still eligable for a Navy Scholarship? While money is not a direct proponent on my decision, it would still be nice to get a scholarship.
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    Feb 2, 2008
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    Saul- I don't have any data on ED acceptance data. However, below is an extract from the 2014 class profile. I believe that you list a major on your application- however you can change majors without an issue. You can certainly apply for an NROTC scholarship while applying for ED- ( as many have discovered , that is a torturous process with no guarantees about what school you get accepted to.) My advice would be to get your application for the NROTC scholarship in early to ensure that it is reviewed by the first board possible.
    Good luck!:thumb:
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    Oct 25, 2010
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    DS was accepted ED going NROTC (non scholarship intends on commissioning) ECE major 3.86 unweighted GPA with AP's in Trig,Chem, Calc, Eng comp and Physics. SATS were 570 across the spectrum.(superscore) The Institute offered him enough scholarship money to help out but if he had his SATS higher he would have qualified for the Institute scholar program which is a BIG financial boost from VMI. Not a team captain but played Baseball, had leadership in church YG and music ministry along with in HS chorus, and lead roles in Drama, yearbook photographer, prom committee etc..etc..etc..(BUSY). DS SATS were his downfall for ROTC $$$ no doubt. If he could do it all over again he would have studied for one catagory at a time and retook them and the ACTS as often as possible. His scores got him into VMI which is awesome but if you want to be competitive for NROTC scholarships shoot for well over 600 IMO.
    Also just remember that ED is suppose to be binding...if NROTC offers you a scholarship to a different school it may not transfer to VMI, so you may have to turn down NROTC money. Applying ED narrows your options. Not to discourage you, but be aware that it can happen. DS was in a similar situation last year at this time and changed from ED to regular decision at the last minute when Norwich offered him a nice academic scholarship. He was accepted to both and decided on VMI in the end, but for a while he became a little indecisive when he hadn't heard from VMI at all and Norwich was contacting him pretty much every week. VMI will not be as quick to contact you as the other SMC's with their financial aid offers etc(at least for us it was later) so DS thought he wouldn't get any aid at all, which was a little scarey :eek:, but in the end it worked out and the offers turned out to be similar. If you know that you know ....Go for it... but if there is any doubt ED may not be the best route. Good Luck:thumb:
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    My son is just finishing his freshman (fourth) year at VMI - he was interested in applying to VMI early decision, but we needed to wait to see how the financial picture would shake out. I called the Admissions Office prior to the early admissions deadline, explained the situation, but told them that our son had his heart set on VMI. Their advice was to apply as early as possible, regular decision, since early decision is binding. We did just that, and got the application in by November 1st - he received his appointment on December 10th. Our son was able to wait until April, when all the financial info was known, to make his final decision.

    I suggest visiting the Post, and getting/staying in touch with Admissions; they will help you figure out your best strategy.

    Good luck!

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