VMI Happy 174th Founders Day 11/11

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    VMI prepares to celebrate it's 174th birthday tomorrow November 11th with the traditional parade. As everyone who has ever been a Rat knows- this commemorates the assumption of the guard at the Lexington Arsenal on Guard Post #1 "in a light snowfall on the 11th of November by Cadet John B. Strange". 174 years later Cadets still march guard 24/ 7 while juggling their course work, athletics etc. (The name John B. Strange is just too perfect a name for the first Cadet:biggrin:) Cadet Strange was killed as the colonel of his Regiment at the Battle of South Mountain in 1862. They still have letters of his while a cadet:

    It's been a good VMI sports weekend leading up to Founders Day as both the Football team and Basketball team won their games- basketball winning the "All Military Classic" tournament by beating Air Force after having beaten the Citadel the day before.
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    Happy Birthday VMI

    Good weekend indeed. We had an alumni chapter meeting here in Honolulu last night and discussed the football win (very rare) and the basketball tournament win...
    Ra Virginia Mil!
    In December, there will be nation-wide recruiting events in cities across America for those who know high school students interested in the Institute.

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