VMI Institute Honors Program


Feb 6, 2017
Good evening all!

I was wondering, to all applicants that applied and were interviewed at VMI for the Institute Honors Program, has anyone heard back yet? I was told on March 25th that they would notify applicants within 2 to 3 weeks. Thank you!
My son applied to the program but hasn't been given a decision yet because he hasn't accepted his appointment to VMI yet. They may wait until after 1 May once everyone has accepted the appointment to VMI. But I am just guessing.
I interviewed with the program back in the first week of February. I was told I would hear by the middle of March. I never heard back about it, and I denied my appointment there because of one for USAFA. VMI found out about my appointment and emailed me asking about it. I believe I would have heard back about the program in a few more weeks had VMI not heard about my USAFA appointment.

The point of this long post: I think you'll hear soon, but you're not alone in not hearing from VMI about the program. Good luck!