VMI March 16 Overnight

just a girl

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Jun 14, 2016
Anyone else headed out to VMI for the overnight visit?
To anyone who's been to VMI is there anything specific to take note of or check out.
Barracks ... communal bathrooms ... Labs (depending on major) ... Academic buildings/classrooms ... Post (campus) ... Crozet (mess hall) ... PX in 3rd Barracks ... athletic venue if you are a recruit ... bookstore ... mailroom ... proximity to “downtown” Lexington ... Lexington ...
Talk to the professors of your chosen major.

Also, you will be staying in a room with other girls who have just ended their ratline. Ask them questions about how they like VMI, etc. These girls have just ended the hardest part of VMI, but they are still in the “dark ages” where academics are stressing them out and summer furlough is still far away. If they like VMI at this point - that means a great deal!

If you have a sport you plan to play while at VMI, ask your host to either take you to meet the coaches or find someone on the current team.
when our DD visited last fall, the Institute offered a womans panel for potential female prospects. The panel comprised of female upperclassman, a couple rats and a female faculty alum. They offered alot of insight and provided great honest feedback to female specific questions. Would highly recommend this forum if they offer it. I believe ours was offered directly after the parents reception in Marshall Hall.