VMI New Cadet Oath Ceremony

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    The rat-ties of 10+3 are looking good. After marching that parade four times (the simple pleasures of being a Band Co. upperclassman!), it was nice to be able to stand in the front yard of the Crim House with the other Alumni. :cool:

    For those who are familiar with this event, they started a new tradition this year. The cadets on the Civil War Roundtable trained the rats to carry their rifles at shoulder arms from the era of the War Between the States. Rather than making a mad dash across the entire Field of Lost Shoes with slower rats falling out right and left, they marched the majority of the way across the field in line formation at shoulder arms, just like the New Market boys did back in 1864. They broke into a sprint once they got a few hundred feet from the canons. It looked awesome.

    The Class of 2010 has some excellent leadership, and it shows in how well the rats have been trained in just over two weeks. The rats did a great job marching through downtown New Market after learning the history of the Battle of New Market, taking the Cadet Oath and then charging across the field. It's always cute seeing rat parents walking around trying to catch just a glimpse of their sons and daughters in formation before eating lunch together. :smile:
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    At the link below - the VMI web site has posted new videos of the Rats events at New Market to include the Charge over the "field of lost shoes" as well as the Rat parade thru the town of New Market and the Oath Ceremony. Pretty interesting if you haven't seen it- as RVM notes- they looked pretty good for a mere couple of weeks. I hope that they are doing as well now that are combining the Rat line with the "Academic Line".
    September is almost over and the first grades will soon start getting posted- personally looking back from 33 years distance- I would rather be shot at than have to take Calculus again :eek: and my son is now discovering the joys of Statics. Not to worry folks- it gets better- right after graduation:rolleyes:


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