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    Can anyone tell me what the current policy is regarding room and board expenses for NROTC scholarship recipients at VMI? Do students also get academic scholarships on top of the NROTC scholarship?
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    I will preface by saying that I am not a student at VMI but have researched it as a college option.

    VMI has the Institute Scholar program which is a separate application from the regular VMI application and puts you in the Honors program. They award from $5,000 to the full cost of tuition. On the application it says that "scholarship funds are often used to supplement ROTC scholarships and other forms of financial aid in order to meet the full cost of attendance at VMI. Later in the application it says that if you win an ROTC scholarship at VMI the award may be reduced so that your total financial assistance does not exceed the cost of tuition and room and board

    So my understanding is that one can get academic scholarships from vmi on top of other ROTC scholarships and that this money can be used for room and board.

    Here is the Institute Scholars website, and the link to the pdf where I got this information, if you open up the "Institute Scholars" tab about mid way down the page:

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