VMI Packing List


Mar 28, 2017
I've looked on the old New Cadet Handbook for things I need to have by Matriculation, and it seems like a lot. 14 pairs of compression shorts???? Any suggestions where to get all this stuff?
It really depends on if you're satisfied with the built in compression shorts in the gym dyke. If you think that's fine, bring less. Also it's really just for Hell Week, after hell week you'll have more control over laundry management and won't need to dirty PT gear every day.
We bought my son's at Walmart the summer before Rat year. You could also find them at department stores, sporting goods store etc
Search for sales, both online and in stores. Last year we bought a few pairs and watched for sales and found some in June for around $7 each. You will likely use them - my kid hates the built-in-the-shorts ones and wears compression shorts under them and everything else.
Do I need to get a printer? What type of laptop do they recommend, or is it just easier to get an iPad for portability?
I think you will want to get a laptop. VMI has a couple more recommended models, if you have computer issues IT team will service recommended models in priority over non-recommended, at least that is what my cadet was told when he took his for service. We went with a Dell, but not the recommended model, we decided to upgrade so it would have the capacity to run his Engineering programs as he got further into his area of study.

You don't need a printer. There are places to print. Some cadets my have them but I do not know for certain.
I figured my question would be best under this title. I am coming from overseas and will need to get a phone plan. Are there any good companies or plans for the VMI area? Any response is much appreciated.

My cadet has Sprint, don't have any issues. Not sure if it is the best for the area or how it would be with international calls. Maybe someone in admissions could direct you to someone local for information on what is available in the area.

As a Rat you won't have your phone until after breakout, unless your Dyke lets you have it on Sundays or use it in his/her room. My son's Dyke let him take it on Sundays when he was off post with the Asst Chaplain.
I have cricket, I had good signals around the area. Cricket uses AT&T cell towers. Cricket doesn't have free/discounted upgrades (you have to buy a phone full price), but the plans are cheap. So if you're looking to stick with one phone for a while, it's a good way to go.
Thank you both for the quick reply. Ill have to look into it further.

My cadet has Verizon and hasn't had any issues. It used to be that certain providers worked better in certain areas of the country, but it seems like that is less of an issue now and most providers work in most areas.
Does anyone have any suggestions for packing? What type of suitcase is everyone bringing?
I believe this year's Rats cannot have a trunk. The new cadet handbook ( available on the website, but you will get one in the mail) specifies the allowed dimensions. Any other duffle bags etc need to fit inside that, once it's empty, to be put in the trunk room. Some folks pack items in plastic totes and have their families take those home once you throw everything into your wall locker. My cadet has several duffle bags that he puts in his trunk. Some items you will just have to carry loose, like pillows, comforter, fan etc.
Does anyone know if the 70 ounce mention for the hydration pack is a minimum? There are 100 ounce hydration packs at reasonable rates. The 70 ounce variety without compartments are difficult to find. Thanks!
What size trunk do we need to have for matriculation? I saw a small trunk at a local store, but it wasn't very big.