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Discussion in 'Service Academy Preparatory Schools' started by Simon45, May 2, 2012.

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    Currently I'm a junior in the grad class of 2013, i have a 3.1 gpa with a 970 SAT (no writing) i'm about to sign up for the ACT tommorrow and i planning on retaking the SAT's to get a better score. I have a varsity letter and a district championship for football. I also live in virginia hoping to get into VMI. I do not have many hours but i plan to improve that also. Are these good enough to get into VMI? i know they are low and i do plan on improving but i was just wondering on the average requirements to be accepted into the institute.
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    Simon- you should be posting this in the Military College Forum. This forum is for prep schools which most assuredly VMI is not, nor are the other Senior Military Colleges.

    Your SAT's are a couple of hundred points below the average SAT for the class of 2015 which just below 1200 and your GPA is also few tenths lower than the average. Both of those are averages - not minimums but combined that probably means that you really need to work on improving what you can now. My suggestion - take an SAT prep course and try and bump up the SAT scores. That should be within your immediate grasp. Hopfully your Junior year has also been a strong one so you can show a pattern of academic improvement or strength in demanding courses.
    Finally- like anything- other than the Admissions office- nobody can really tell you whther you will get in or not. Don't sweat the future - just do your best and Good luck!

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