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    Do Mids register to vote in their previous home state or Maryland?
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    Home state - absentee ballot
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    Wherever they pay state tax, if applicable. Where they declare their state of residence, which, at this stage of their careers, is usually their Home of Record. Military members on active duty are on orders and considered to be temporary non-residents of states where they are stationed. They vote absentee. The SAs provide reminders and info, as do active duty commands. Mids of voting age follow their state's absentee voting procedure, unless they are from their SA state. They will probably still have to vote absentee unless their precinct happens to be an Annapolis one, for example, at USNA.

    I entered the Navy from the state of GA. GA remained my Home of Record my entire career. As soon as I got a set of orders to FL, I changed my state of residency from GA to FL with the disbursing office. I got a driver's license, registered to vote, and voted absentee until my active duty career ended. I notified GA I was no longer a resident. Of course, no state income tax in FL! As it is with TX, WA, NV -- military folks soon figure this out.

    My DH's HOR was PA. He retained PA as his state of residency, because military residents serving out of state did not have to pay state income tax. There are many states that do that.

    The quick and dirty on voting and taxes in one post.
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