VTCC Privlages?????

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    I am a freshman in the Corps of Cadets and the oldest in my company (21) because I am a transfer student so most of the cadre that were yelling at me etc are the "upperclassmen" I know the fact that I am older than them does not matter its just that not a day goes by when I wonder when I and my company of freshman begin to get privileges. So far we have "backpack privileges" but don't have "pocket privileges"
    I want commission as an army officer and I do believe that the Corps of Cadets does a good job at making young cadets THINK like military officers--which eventually builds up on you when in the Army.

    - no more dragging around the UA and upper quad
    - wearing civilian clothes
    - taking leadership roles
    - talking to "buds" during ECQ (OR talking to the upperclassman as if they are friends and using their first names to address them)
    - being able to talk when on upper quad

    We are currently in Red Phase since the semester pretty much started

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