Waiting on College Transcript


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Oct 17, 2017
Hello everyone. I'm a freshman in college and this is my first time applying to a SA. I'm applying for USAFA 2022 and my application is nearly complete, including DODMERB and nomination. The only thing I'm waiting on is my first semester college grades to be received by the portal. I sent them in the mail on December 21st but this still has not been shown in the portal. I figured that due to the holidays that the portal might be slow to update, but then I saw that one of my nominations was received in the portal. I've already emailed my admissions counselor and it's been over a week with no response from them. With the rest of my application done and the January 31st deadline approaching I've been curious what I can do to make sure my transcript is received. Any advice is appreciated.
Mine took probably 2 months to process. As long as it's postmarked before the due date then you won't be penalized.
Mine arrived Jan 3 via tracking and was processed on Jan 8 the day after I completed my app and 7 days before my deadline. I don't doubt that they have it covered and will put it in your app, but if you want confirmation, I would call rather than email. Emails have seldom been responded to for me...
I'm in the same situation. College applicant, finished my entire application back in September, dodmerb in, received a nomination, and I sent my transcript in electronically and it was delivered a few days ago. So far, my nomination and my college transcript still haven't been processed and put on my portal. My admissions counselor said that they should be up by the end of the month. The admissions office knows that transcripts come late in December or early in January and I don't think there is too much to do until a deadline passes and your portal still doesn't have the transcript or nomination.
Update: I sent my transcript a second time (this time directly from my college to USAFA via electronic distribution). Within 24 hours my application was then marked complete. Apparently the first transcript I sent in the mail myself had an insufficient address for some reason and was sent back to me.
That's strange, I sent my transcript electronically on 3 Jan and received a delivery confirmation from my university on 4 Jan but it still hasn't been marked complete on my portal
We discovered that even though the unofficial transcript page on the college web portal indicted all grades were in, they had not been ‘finalized’. Official transcripts that were sent were inaccurate so they were not posted on Academy portal. It was almost a week after grades were posted, that the grade became FINALIZED. This took many phone calls and several electronic transfer requests before we determined what the problem was. Even the registrar had to do a bit of researching. Double check to see that the official transcripts you sent were finalized grades by the univerity.
Update: my transcript was received and processed so it just took a few weeks almost to get it on my portal. it feels good to have completed the application :)