Nov 22, 2016
My portal updated today with a new code.

Code: R259.20
No action is required by you at this time; PLEASE DO NOT CALL OR EMAIL DODMERB, your file is currently being reviewed for quality, your status will update shortly.

How long does this take before it typically is updated in the portal? I am being patient, but I would like to figure out a possible time period I should expect this to be updated.
It is a great code to have. You don't have to do anything. Rejoice in it!

Realistically, it will take anywhere from a day or two to a week or two.
Just check periodically to see if there is an update. That's all you can do.
DS had received his 3rd remedial Dec 22... We submitted documentation Dec 29. Went back into review the 5th of Jan. With all the computer issues and shutdown, that code showed up Jan 25 and Qualified appeared the next day!
Hello all. In an effort to give folks an idea of the time to completion, I offfer the following:

11/26 entered into DoDMERB

11/28 Exams completes with Concorde/DoDMETS

1/24 exam received and entered at DoDMERB

1/31 exam reviewed by DoDMERB

2/1 Qualified Letter uploaded