Waitlist Appointments


Jan 27, 2016
Can anyone estimate the number of applicants that are usual on the wait list this time of year? Also, does anyone have any insight on the number of appointments that were offered from the wait list after May 1 in previous years? Just wondering like everyone else what the chances of being offered an appointment.....is it a small handful or 20-30 applicants that are pulled from the list.
I don't think there is a set number. It varies year to year, obviously, I'm sure there will be some who get the call-from what I've heard it is more likely to happen within the first two weeks of May. My DS has been on the waitlist since 12/21, it's been a looong process. Sent a deposit to another school, but we remain hopeful. Hang in there.
Below is an Objee post from March 2014 that basically explains that how many will be appointed from waitlist is always unpredictable.
I will say that the odds of a waitlist appointment are good on May 2nd and decline by May 15th as the last open spots are given out.
Any waitlist appointments after mid May I would presume to be unexpected (last minute change of plans by appointee or accidents/medical issues that prevent appointee from being fit enough for R day (remember to bubble wrap your appointee)). Last year the waitlist closed June 17th and nobody on the forum notified they got an appointment off the waitlist after the main May appointments.

Good luck to all on waitlist.

Class of 2014 - Approximately 640 Alternates, 64 Appointments (Wait List did not exist)
Class of 2015 - Approximately 480 Alternates, 54 Appointments (Wait List did not exist)
Class of 2016 - Approximately 100 Wait List, 26 Appointments
Class of 2017 - Approximately 125 Wait List, 43 Appointments
Class of 2018 - Approximately 150 Wait List, XX Appointments

If you believe that you can "deduce" from this data how many appointments will be offered to applicants on the wait list this year, you're welcome to do so; however, I say again it's going to depend upon: 1) How many appointments are tendered during Regular Admission; and 2) How many applicants offered appointments during Early Action/Regular Admission decline their spot in the class.