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    I got a JROTC nomination a while back, and soon after, I got a notification that I had been waitlisted.
    However, a little while later, I was notified that I had received a nomination from Senator John Cornyn. I also updated my file with a bunch of new information(I'm a platoon leader in JROTC, received a JROTC UIL Award from my school, was made a member of the Royal Purple Society(basically, students nominated for teachers on basis of leadership, academic achievement, and overall contribution to the school. Something like 5% of my class becomes a member)). I have also kept my straight A average going through the second part of the semester. With all this new information, is there any possibility that my file will be looked at again by the Admissions Board? I know the waitlist is much better than an outright refusal, but the uncertainty inherent in being on it is downright maddening.

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