Waiver Chances?


USMA 2022
Oct 21, 2016
Around the beginning of October, I was disqualified for having a history of bowel resection. I was born prematurely, a small part of my small intestine was infected, so it was removed. The condition has never affected me in my entire life and I have never required any follow-ups, medication, or treatment. I have ran cross country and swam without any issues whatsoever. It is incredibly frustrating that I got DQ'ed because of something that has absolutely no effect on my performance or physical well-being. USMA and USNA have requested waivers very shortly after getting DQ'ed and I just got the Army ROTC Scholarship, so they are too. I sent in my medical records (which said I am fine), a letter my doctor wrote saying I'm fine, a personally written letter stating my condition, and letters my coaches wrote saying I can perform just like anyone else. All that being said, what do you all think my chances of receiving a waiver for at least one of the institutions aforementioned? I realize that waivers are granted on an individual basis, but I'm honestly wondering how many people get DQ'ed and then get waivers for conditions that absolutely do not affect them. Thanks in advance.
I cannot speak to chances. However, my DS recently received a waiver. at the age of 15 he broke his femur when he crashed on his dirt bike. I don't mean a fissure either. Completely snapped in two. Fortunately, it was not a compound fracture. He was flown to the nearest hospital and had emergency surgery and a Titanium Rod placed in his leg. We knew in advance that it was very likely he could be DQ medically. Soon after his physical was sent they sent a request for medical records asking for the Surgeon's Notes from Surgery, all written reports of Xrays, CT Scans and MRI. Up to the date of Release. We immediately spent the day visiting every Dr obtaining all reports... and provided everything they asked for and NO MORE. (If they aren't asking for something don't send anything extra). Then we overnighted the information and prayed. My DS is a recruited athlete and after weeks of waiting and 4 days prior to his Official Visit in October, I had the opportunity to speak with the coach of his sport. I told him that DS was held up in DODMERB Medical Review. He said he would go and speak to the Surgeon at USAFA and asked me to send all Documents we sent in for review. That Monday evening my DS finally got the Medically Qualified listed on his portal. Good Luck!