Waiver Denied, what to do?


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Jun 22, 2016
DS received a call from West Point that due to his condition, his waivers were being denied. Is there anything we can or should do?
Some conditions are non waiverable. If you share the condition we may be able to give you a little more direction. What is the DoDMERB code?
The codes are D161.80 intestinal malabsorption syndrome and D162.11 history of bowel resection.
He has been accepted to Texas A&M, will be in the Corps and try again in between his sophomore and junior year for a commission. We assumed he would not be eligible for a ROTC scholarship if he didn't pass. Should we look into that?
Each organization has its own requirements for evaluating and granting waivers depending on numerous factors and all move at their own pace. DS received a waiver from USMA last year and Air Force did not request one. She was awarded a three year ROTC scholarship and her chain of command told he it is in process but not yet completed. She has reapplied this year and West Point has already reconfirmed her waiver this year. ROTC scholarships are awarded pending medical qualification.
Some conditions are not waiverable but if it is waiverable, it matters how bad the source wants the individual.
Agreed, while one branch may not waive another may. It even varies by commissioning source. USMA may say no but AROTC may be a yes. Make sure you touch ALL of your bases. It costs nothing to apply! Good luck.