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Sep 14, 2008
Junior year my right eye was hit with a tennis ball (thrown) and required laser photocoagulation surgery to repair a "subclinical detachment" of the retina. The recovery was smooth and complete.

I was disqualified by DoDMERB a month ago after sending in my remedial information pertaining to the above incident and resulting treatment. The code was D153.20-Detachment of the retina or retinal surgery-"Current or history of detachment of the retina, history of surgery for same or peripheral retinal injury, defect, or degeneration that may cause retinal detachment"

I was considered for a waiver by USMA, but today my father got a call from the regional commander explaining that the USMA doctor(s) had turned down my waiver request. He was also told that my file was otherwise among the top 600 of this year's candidates', making this news even more dissapointing.

My questions are:
Is there anything else I can do with regards to West Point?
If no, should I inform my representative and senators' SA contacts to "cancel" my nomination?
Also, I did not apply for a 4 year ROTC scholarship. Would my disqualification/waiver process share a similar fate through USAAC if I were to pursue a 3 year scholarship or simply participate non-scholarship?

Would I still be able to become an Army doctor in the future?

Your responses are greatly appreciated and will help me decide whether or not to start focusing on other career choices.
Don't Lose

Hey, man that some pretty heavy stuff. I just had a remedial test done and after my research tonight I found I most likely am going to get DQ. So far by my research the man everyone says to contact is Larry Mullen to get quick clear answers. Here is e-mail, Larry.Mullen@dodmerb.tma.osd.mil (Read the sticky thread on top for more info. on him) He is the official, and I quote, "DoDMERB Bureaucrat Buster" a.k.a Deputy Director of DoDMERB if anyone can give you a clear direct answer it is this man. I e-mailed him couple of hours ago but I am waiting. His seem to response quick tho. from what I can tell. I do not want to give any false information so I will hold my thoughts, just contact this man.

Best of Luck
Eagle 79 is correct. Send me an email to the address below and provide your full name and last 4 of your SSN:thumb: