Waiver for ADHD & ICSP letters?

Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by Cogent One, Feb 5, 2011.

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    My son is pursuing a Waiver for ADHD DQ and is in ICSP. Should letters of explanation/recommendation sent to DoDMERB only include specific info about his behavioral and academic success without medication (for over 1 year) related to his ADHD? Or is it beneficial to also include other info that describes his characteristics that support his qualifications for ICSP?

    I'm ashamed to say that with all the great information shared in this forum, I still am somewhat confused about certain aspects of the process. Thanks for your help and patience.
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    This is the answer in a nut shell. Specific questions on this or other applicants, should be sent to me in an email with complete name and last 4 SSN of the applicant.:thumb:

    1. Ashamed? Under no circumstances should you feel ashamed by anything regarding the topic.
    2. Waivers aren't pursued. Waivers are automatically "onsidered"for Service Academies when the Admissions offices determine the applicant is "competitive" for an offer of appointment. If they are not, then medical doesn't really matter, because they will not be selected anyway. If offerred a scholarship for ROTC, medical waiver consideration is automatically activated.
    3. Ultimately, the Academies and/or ROTC programs will grant/deny medical waivers.
    4. If after review, they require dditional tests), consult(s), and/or information,the Academy and/or ROTC program will request it thru DoDMERB to the applicant PRIOR to rendering their waiver decision.
    5. Any applicant, at anytime, may submit pertinent documentation to DoDMERB (not the waiver authority) for waiver consideration. DoDMERB posts that information to the website used by the waiver authorities for their deliberations.
    6. One year off medciation has no relevancy regarding this particular standard.
    7. A description of the characteristics supporting an ICSP, is one of the reason applicants are determined to NOT meet standards and would support a decision NOT to grant a waiver.

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