Waiver granted


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Sep 23, 2016
Hello all,

I am an LOA recipient and USNA applicant. I received two medical DQs. I responded to all emails from DODMERB regarding both, and recently my status changed from Waiver requested to Waiver granted.

Does this mean that both DQs have been waived? or just one?

If DodMERB has no further update and reads "waiver granted", keep watching your Candidate Information System at USNA.
The application status there may very well change this week or next, to "Fully Qualified Offer of Appointment".
Until that happens, keep logging into your DoDMERB interface and check to see if they post anything else.
They (DodMERB) usually send an EMail first, but not always. If they do post something (which requires your action) jump all over it and get it done, ASAP.
If your status says "waiver granted" you should also see a letter in the correspondence section on the DODMERB site (on the left hand menu) . In that letter, is states which DQ's are being waived, with the specific number for each.

In my DS experience, he had 3 separate DQ,s and got a waiver. He only had 1 update that said waiver granted, but the detail was in the letter.

Also, while the letter was available on the DODMERB site, we never actually received a letter in the mail