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Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by Mandyj34, Jun 19, 2014.

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    Hey guys =) I have a question hopefully somebody can answer. Idk if it applies but I'm doing NROTC.

    So! I've been chatting with the LT that I'm transferred to when I call the helpline for NROTC. He informed me my waiver request had been sent to BUMED and that they advised for it not to be approved due to the fact that I still had a) hyperthyroidism and I was still b) taking medication for headaches. My doctors all sent letters stating that I no longer had hyperthyroidism for several months now and that I hadn't been taking medication for headaches for over a year (no headaches either-i had another problem that was causing them). Is it possible that DoDMERB did not send my paperwork to BUMED? Or that maybe it got lost along the way?

    And another quick question... both of my dq's were because of time frames. By the end of this school year I would have met the two time frames (1 year for not having hyperthyroidism and 2 years for not taking medication) which to my understanding would mean that I wouldn't have these 2 dq's anymore. Does BUMED take this into consideration?

    Sorry if I was confusing!
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    I think you can get your best answer if you call BUMED and ask them. Good luck! :thumb:

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