Waiver process questions


Jun 1, 2017
I took my DoDMERB medical exam in August 2017, and I was disqualified due to vision problems like astigmatism in excess of 3.00 diopters and myopia with a refractive error greater than diopters exceeding -8.00. However, I have a waiver pending for USNA and USAFA. I had a few questions:

1. I heard that the waiver process depends on many factors. Do these factors include the candidate's holistic character like strength in academics, physical ability, etc.? I recently got an ISR for NROTC, and I was wondering if this would have an impact on the waiver process for NROTC?

2. Let's say that I don't get a waiver for USAFA, does that mean that I don't get a waiver for USNA or NROTC? Do I basically treat NROTC, USNA, and USAFA as separate entities for the waiver process?

3. Would a denied waiver prevent me from going to a prep school?

4. Finally, on the DoDMERB website, it said that I could send documents to them whenever I want. I'm assuming this is a chance to improve the likelihood of getting a waiver, but what could I be doing now that would help me get a waiver?

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Sep 27, 2008
Partial answer: different Services, different missions, different standards = different waiver criteria. What may be waived by one may not be by another.

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Mar 23, 2016
Each commissioning source has different criteria. If you are competive for admission, a waiver is automatically considered. You have to be medically qualified or have a waiver to attend prep school.