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    Just finished up all my examinations and I believe I will probably be disqualified for

    hearing loss

    I've had the slight hearing loss in my right ear my whole life but if I no one had told me I would not have known because it doesn't make a difference in regular life. I hope that I meet the standards in this department. If not, I assume there is no way to waiver hearing loss so that would suck.

    More importantly, I'm almost positive I'll be disqualified for my history of hypertension and spondylolysis.

    My question is what is the waiver process? what does it involve? Since I expect to be disqualified, I want to be prepared to get the waivers done as quickly as possible.

    Any information regarding this project would be much appreciated. Thank you
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    Aug 8, 2013
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    Waivers may come anywhere between 2 weeks - 6 months after receiving your results from DoDMERB. If you are considered to be a competitive candidate by the sources to which you are applying (USAFA, USMMA etc.) you will automatically be considered for any waivers for medical conditions that are eligible. I'm not sure if your conditions are or aren't, that is a question someone else will have to answer. However, if/when you receive your results, and a remedial is requested, get that done immediately, whether it be paperwork or another doctor visit. I myself am waiver pending status for one academy, and cleared for another. Prayers never hurt if that is your thing, it certainly is for me! Above all, be patient. If it is meant to be then your waivers will come... Good luck :thumb:
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