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    I have been accepted and appointed to the Air Force academy for the class of 2020. I have already finished everything on my portal, broken in my combat boots and bought my flight out to Colorado. However, just this week I received a letter from DoDMERB saying I have been DQ (with less than two weeks to BCT) because of tendonitis I had on my knee earlier this year. To make matters worse, the injury was caused by an athletic instructor I was forced to train with at one of the USAFA prep schools this year.

    Since obtaining the injury I have been to physical therapy and have fully recovered. I have no pain or sign of injury in this knee. I run on average 6 days a week between 4 and 8 miles a day with no pain. And have been cleared by my doctors and physical therapist.

    Thankfully, as I am going to a service academy a waiver process was automatically initiated for my DQ. I immediately requested that all my medical records be sent to DoDMERB.

    My question is, does anyone know how long this process take? And do academy cadets get reviewed faster than normal due to date of BCT? I cant stand the waiting and the thought that the decision won't be made until after the date of BCT begins. After all I am already a second time applicant and put aside an extra year at the prep school. It's fair to say, this decision will be devastating if I am not requlafied in the next 2 weeks.
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    I don't have an answer for you, but I'm wishing you good luck. How disappointing.

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