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Nov 6, 2008
What is the time frame for waivers at USNA? I have been told that my sons waiver is waiting to be reviewed by the superintendent or dean. I tried to find a little info on the forum, and read that waivers are reviewed in March or April, but it was unclear if this was just regarding vision waivers or all waivers. (my sons problem is not vision, it is a healed herniated disc) Also, he has already been offered NAPS, so will that cause him to be reviewed sooner? Also, if all this turns out in his favor, does attending USNA on a waiver automatically put you in the "restricted line" Or is that decision made when the mids recieve their commissioning physicals (I believe the 2C or 1C year) Can you be an aviator with a restricted line status? Also, do Napsters have to go through the Dodmerb process again before moving on to USNA? Thanks :redface:
There is NO time frame for any waivers (excluding specific vision waivers @ USNA) at any Service Academy. All waivers are individually reviewed dependent on workload; complexity; if additional test(s), eval(s), and/or information is required; if consults with the Service consultants are required, etc. Vision waivers for folks that are not correctable to 20/20 are made in the Spring time. It doesn't matter whether the waiver is for NAPS or not. If it doesm the NAPS waivers have more time so may not have as high a priority.

A waiver does NOT automatically put someone in Restricted Line. Restricted line, for the most part, is determined in the junior year. No, you can't be an aviator in a restricted line status. Napsters do NOT go through DoDMERB again before going into USNA.

That was a shotgun blast of questions and answers. I hope it helped.:thumb:
All questions answered, quickly and efficiently, as usual!
Thank you!:smile:
Where will the change in status in regards to a waiver (assuming he will received one)show up first - on the dodmets website or on the USNA admissions website? Or will my son receive a letter from US Navy and then it will change on either the dodmets or Admissions site? Is this making sense?
It makes no sense at all....:shake:

DoDMETS (Concorde Inc) website is only for the scheduling of the exam and then when it's CLOSED, that means the exams have been sent to DoDMERB. The https://dodmerb.tricare.osd.mil website is where the DoDMERB status will be displayed.

Regarding a USNA waiver, you will recieve a letter from the USNA and you will see the Admissions and DoDMERB websites be updated to show the wiaver has been granted.:thumb:
You know, you would HAVE to have a healthy sense of humor to be in this "business". Thanks for the reply. I noticed that you said it could be anywhere from a couple weeks to 30 days, depending on workload, for a decision to be made. Son has a an LOA from USNA and the DQ is not for eyesight. Is that still holding true?
The LOA means Admissions will/did direct the Senior Medical Officer to review for medical waiver consideration and render a recommendation to the Dean of Admissions. The timeline I made up, would "normally" hold true. But again, their decisions are based on workload, complexity of the specific applicant issue(s), if outside consultants are utilized (and the responsiveness of those consultants), etc. Knowing your anxiousness, regrettably, there is no cookie cutter decision matrix that can be applied to when waiver decisions are finalized.:thumb:
Thanks---yes to the anxiousness. We will all try to "be still". Hopefully some good news will arrive soon!