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Mar 7, 2018
what are the steps to request a waiver? Does applicant request the waiver?
if you are medically declined (what ever the terminology is) and are accepted - the academy will automatically request a waiver on your behalf (i am assuming this is unless it is something that permanently prevents you from performing your duties) - you will submit any supporting documentation if needed and a determination will be made - if you are granted the waiver you go forward - if you are not then you will have the option to appeal at which point you can appeal and you can submit further supporting documentation - if approved - you continue on - if not you may be offered a deferral to the next years class - which has an entirely other set of requirements
I found this on the Academy Website. Hope it helps.
Q: How do I apply for a medical waiver?
A: There is no need to formally apply for a medical waiver. The waiver process is automatic if a student has received a conditional appointment to the Academy or the Coast Guard Academy Scholars (prep school) program.

Agree with the above. A candidate CANNOT initiate a waiver.

DoDMERB is a centralized organization based at the USAFA, but serves all the Academies and ROTC programs.
DoDMERB only determines Q or DQ. The waiver process is de-centralized to the Academy or ROTC program.
A "remedial" is information needed to Q or DQ.

Waivers are done by each program and only can begin if the candidate is DQ'd. The program can request additional medical information (AMI) to determine if a waiver should be granted or not. One academy can grant a waiver while another might not. Whereas a DoDMERB Qualification applies to all the academies and programs across the board.

These two flow charts should explain things better:

Initial exam - Q or DQ (by DoDMERB)

Waiver Process; (by the Academy or ROTC program)

Source: DoDMERB
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