Waiver Timeline


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Oct 17, 2020
BLUF: I am a MS3 AROTC cadet on scholarship but pending waiver review for contracting. What is the current average timeline for the WA to make a decision?

Hi all,
This is probably a question that gets asked a lot, so my apologies there, but I didnt see anything recent referring to how fast the WA is for this semester.

My situation: I am a MS3 AROTC cadet currently on scholarship without a contract pending waiver review. My cadre's given me until the end of the semester (~10DEC2020) to contract or I may be liable for this semester's tuition (not significant but I would like to not have to pay it if possible). I took the DODMERB at the end of August and was DQ'd for three separate issues: history of asthma after 13, concussion, and lyme disease.

I sent the waiver packet into the WA on 06OCT2020 and am currently sitting on my hands just waiting to hear back. My cadre had me write a letter providing background information on my medical history related to these issues and explanations of how they do not currently affect me in any way. The packet also included letters from two separate doctors detailing why each of the aforementioned reasons for disqualification are not in any way hindering me and that I am fit for duty without any physical limitations or restrictions. I live in Colorado Springs in close proximity to USAFA, Ft. Carson, & Peterson AFB so most doctors around here generally have an idea of what the DOD standards are.

From what I have read on here, it seems that the general wait time absent a pandemic is between 2 weeks to 3 months. However, I saw posts from April saying that COVID-19 had backlogged the WA severely; is this still the case? What is the current average wait time to a decision?

I have read the FAST sticky so I hope I have included all requisite information in this post; please let me know if I missed anything.