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Oct 19, 2008
Hello Everyone,

This is my first time posting, and unfortunately, it is not under the best circumstances. Recently, I checked my DODMERB status after completing all of my physicals, and found that I was disqualified because of a recent arm injury, due to the proximity of the injury to the physical. The injury will make a full recovery in the next four weeks, but the DODMERB stated that I still need a waiver for it, because of how recent an injury it is. What do I need to do to recieve this waiver? How worried should I be about being disqualified or not recieving the waiver? I am academically and athletically competetive for the Naval Academy, so i would be disapointed if this injury kept me from being admitted into the academy. Any help would be appreciated.
Look thru the postings and find Larry Mullens email address. He is the go to guy at DODMERB :biggrin: email him and provide him with your name and last 4 of your SS# and he will respond ASAP. He will answer all your questions.

thank you

I might do that, I just dont want to be a bother to the people at the academy. I was just wondering if anyone has any knowledge pertaining to the process of recieving a waiver for a recent injury, and the difficulty of recieving said waiver.
As individualized as injuries and waivers are, generalities might mislead you. Standing by for your email.....:thumb: