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    My application has been complete for several months and I have a presidential and Congressional nomination. However, I am medically disqualified. I have received waivers from USNA and USMA but have heard nothing from USAFA... Is this a bad sign? I see others receiving LOA's and waivers, yet I have received almost no correspondence from the Academy. Is there anything I can do to inquire about the waiver? Thanks!
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    @desiretoserve in my situation, I was mostly in contact with USMA, USNA, and USCGA about the waiver however got denied from all of them. On he other hand, 2 weeks after USAFA requesting a waiver, I was granted a waiver without any correspondence from USAFA at all. It may just be how they run things. Don't be worried! You're in a better place than I was considering the news from USNA and USMA. Don't forget to contact your ALO as well! Good luck!
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    If memory serves correctly. If you received a waiver that is is good sign. The waivers are request by each academy. USMA and USNA don't even consider a medical waiver unless they want that particular candidate. It could be that both West Point and the Naval Academy could be showing an interest.

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    Each SA and ROTC is their own medical waiver authority. It happens every year where USMA gives a waiver and USAFA doesn't to same person for the same condition, or vice versa. My DS was denied a medical waiver by USAFA docs last year, but was granted a medical waiver by Army Cadet Command for a 4-yr AROTC national scholarship.

    You might contact your USAFA admissions POC and inquire on your USAFA medical waiver status. Let them know you are curious since you have already received waivers from USMA and USNA.

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