Waivers for Arthroscopic Hip Surgery?

Nov 2, 2017
I have applied to the academies and received an AROTC scholarship. I am currently in the DODMERB process already done my exams and I am perfectly healthy. Minus I have acid reflux controlled by Prilosec and had two hip surgeries in high school both in 2015 (I am fully recovered from surgeries ran varsity cross country and ran in local 5Ks). I was wondering if anyone has received waivers for these particularly the hip surgeries worry me.
I had hip arthroscopy done on my right hip in fall of 2015, and was awarded an NROTC scholarship Navy option for class of ‘21. Was denied waiver request on multiple occasions (tried an appeal, congressional inquiry, everything under the sun) with strong backing from 3 orthopedic surgeons. I do not mean to damper your spirit as everybody’s case is different, but that has been my experience. Keep in mind that was for the Navy however NOT the Army. Best of luck to you.