Waivers/triple Q


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Dec 20, 2016
Hi, I have recently received a principal nomination to the Naval Academy as well as 6 other nominations to other academies. I suffered an injury 3 months ago that has been cleared by a doctor (no breaks or surgery required). Because this has happened within the last 6 months dodmerb cannot technically clear me so they passed me on to the USNA for a waiver concideration. I know that in order to receive an appointment you must be 3Qd. Will my need for a waiver impact whether or not I am triple Qd?
Yes. One of the Qs is medically qualified. That requires being Qualified by DoDMERB or a waiver by the SA.
The Admissions Board will make their determination (one of the three Qs) without knowledge of your DODMERB results. I am not sure if this is the question you are really trying to ask...otherwise, 5Day is exactly right. The waiver process, generally, is initiated once you have been determined qualified by the Admissions Board, pass your CFA, and are considered highly competitive (from USNA's standpoint). If USNA wants to extend you an appointment pending the waiver process, they will offer you a letter of assurance (LOA).