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    To the DoDMERB moderator: I believe a portion of the information below may be outdated. I beleive it should state. AROTC will now also automatically process waiver requests for 4 year scholarship winners not attached to a unit. Please confirm but believe this is now the case. Thanks.

    5. 4 year ROTC programs = In most cases, applicants “may” have already been awarded a scholarship…”contingent” upon obtaining a DoDMERB MEETS medical standards determination or a medical waiver from the specific ROTC program. Applicants to NROTC and AFROTC programs will be automatically considered for a medical waiver. Though AROTC will probably change in the near future, you will be required to write a letter requesting medical waiver consideration to the address listed in the DoDMERB letter you’ll receive. The request only needs to contain a statement “Request I, full name and Social Security Number, be considered for a medical waiver.” The waiver authority will have all the records that DoDMERB possessed to render our decision.

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