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    Iv'e played football since the age of 6 all the way through High School.
    CIF Title my senior year with me as our starting QB

    My plans are to Walk On and continue playing at the Academy.
    I've emailed some of the W.P. Football coaches with a link to some of my highlights and my intentions. I did not apply for athletic recruitment nor did I attend any type of WP Camp.

    Question is: Will I be able to walk on the team and try an earn a spot.?

    What kind of obstacles will I come across.?

    Any suggestions what I can do to help my chances.

    Class of 2016
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    Well, speaking in general terms (haven't seen you play) it is a long shot for you to successfully walk on. Have you heard back from any of the coaches? Were you meaningfully recruited (not just a recipient of form letters) by any schools, whether FBS, FCS (former Div IAA), or Div III? If no on either of those questions, that further casts doubt on any real chance you would have.

    A couple of suggestions:
    1. Ask your high school coach to get in touch with the West Point coaching staff -- it may be that they will be willing to give an honest assessment to your coach. Generally college coaches try to be at least minimally responsive to high school coaches to establish a relationship in case there is a blue chip prospect down the road from your high school (this may also depend on whether you play football in a "target-rich environment" from a recruiting standpoint). If the answer is "no, we are not interested at all" at least you can think about other options.
    2. Try to get in touch with the Sprint Football coach at West Point if you think you've got some good talent and a build that would let you make the 172 lb. Sprint football is a varsity sport and the academies take it pretty seriously (they recruit, etc). They might be interested once they see your highlights.
    3. Check out Army Rugby -- the Rugby teams at the Academies are a close knit and great bunch of guys usually.

    Good luck to you!

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