Wardroom Carryon


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Sep 18, 2007
Hints are coming from the CGA parents network that class of 2011 has been awarded wardroom carryon. I guess everyone in the class had passed board's and full carryon is soon to come. Talking about coming full circle. Maybe when BR gets a chance he can give a little more of the scoop.
What does this mean? Sounds kind of exciting?

(mom of Class of 2012 appointee :smile:)
If I'm not mistaken, carry-on being awarded means that the fourth class cadets no longer have to brace up in the hallways, eat at attention, etc. A cadet could elaborate on this.
Best to let the ones that been there, done that explain. They can tell in greater detail having experienced it.
Carry-on, in itself, is the ability to conduct yourself like a regular human being. That means you can talk in the hallways (p-ways), you can walk down the sides of the p-way if you like, walk on sidewalks to and from class without "bussing up" aka marching in small formations.

Straight up carry-on would include wardroom carry-on, however, if it's just wardroom carry-on, that would mean that the 4/c would be able to look around in the wardroom, look at their food, talk at the table, and the works, however, the 1/c and 2/c would still make sure they're respectful, especially to upper class. Getting carry-on doesn't mean people will regard you as a 3/c, no, you will still need to be corrected now and then.

The following may be dated a little, but it used to be, if you heard 4/c were going to get carry-on, then 3/c would get civies, and the 2/c would get car privledges (without parking, of course), and the 1/c would get "O-Libo" aka Officer liberty, which I can say is much more liberal than the liberty you will have as an officer.

Of course, that being said, as a 3/c, I DIDN'T get civies when the 4/c got carry-on, and I didn't get car privledges as a 2/c...

so, in the end, sometimes its just a bunch of rumors...however after 100% of the 4/c pass their boards, it may be considered that they "earned" carry-on. In general it can't be taken away, however, when the rumors start, some classmates may act up and postpone any progress to "carry-on". Also, if you are that last 4/c to pass your boards, you will feel the pressure, not to mention, if you don't pass it, after a few tries you may earn a suitability for service mast. I saw many-a-4/c cry because of the pressure.

I didn't pass the first board I took, missed by one question, and did fine on my second. A big part of it is the pressure the 4/c feel, once you get over that, you know the information, you've been learning it all year.:thumb:
yep its true, we have wardroom carry on. feels great to be normal....:shake:

we got it for everyone passing boards

newbie parent question.......what is involved in passing the boards?
throughout the year 4/c have to learn/memorize Coast Guard knowledge. you take weekly quizzes but at the end of the year you take a 10 question oral test on all of the information which is called indoc boards. its really a lot of information and everyone stressed out about passing, but they ended up not being that bad.
If it hasn't changed at all, there is also a very intense "in your face" inspection before the questions start.

Basically the questions are ranked by difficulty, and the tester will ask a few from each. How do I know? Because I wrote many of them in 2004.

All of that of course could have changed, and of course in the past few years the Coast Guard has changed quite a bit, and will continue to.
yep, you have to say the mission while they get in your face which is actually a little difficult. they changed how they did the questions this year though. they had a test bank of 100 questions, 10 questions in 10 different categories, and you were asked 1 from each category
What's up with the Regiment not receiving their new Privileges yet?

Will the class of 2011 be the first class to not get full Carryon before semester's end?

I heard the morale on a whole is running on low lately. Half the 4th class will be leaving campus next Tuesday, finals this week and if staff waits to the last moment to grant any type of a privilege like carryon, it won't mean as much.
yah, the command apparently isnt too happy with the corps so no privileges are being given out early. (carry on, civvies, cars, o'libo)
Can you give any insight as to why they're not happy? If not, I understand why you can't.
It's the same story every year.

Generally the excuse in the past has been about the conduct of the classes, and about how people want cars, or civies or anything else, but don't want the added responsibility.

Cars were always a different deal, the lack of parking combined with the lack of security around New London made the command hesitate to have cadets bring cars into the area without providing a safe place to park them.

Cadets see the light at the end of the tunnel, think all they had to do was get there, and then sort of slack off at the end of the year.

Unlike high school, I looked forward to exam time, and the extra time I had to myself, with doors closed and the books out, all day study sessions.

You'll have one kid screw it up for everyone else, and that will be the thorn in the command's side, and maybe some one will go to bat for you from you Reg. staff.

If the command's not happy, cadets aren't happy...a concept that will not end at the Academy.
that about sums it up. LINE probably knows more about it than i do since he's seen the end 4 times. you really dont see much of what goes on towards the top as a 4/c so all you can do is speculate.

im not too worried, i go home in 3 days where hopefully my parents will let me carry on:shake: