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    While the story you are about to read is true I haven’t changed any of the names because the names aren’t important. Moreover, while the story you are about to read is Texas A&M University (TAMU) centered, I am confident that those who know the other Senior Military Colleges or Maritime Colleges could relate similar stories about those institutions. One has only to look at the pride that Citadel and Virginia Military Institute (VMI) alumni have in their respective institutions, the per capita endowment of VMI, etc. to know that you could easily find similar events with those institutions. Having read a lot of the parents forum relating to the State University of New York (SUNY) Maritime College (Maritime) when our son was considering SUNY Maritime I’m sure those parents would have done something similar.

    I was on a trip last week when my wife called me. She regularly reads posting in a TAMU Corps Mom forum. She informed me of a posting a Mom had put on their asking for prayers. Her son is a rising senior (a “Zip” in TAMU-speak), and he’d moved out of his dorm and put his gear in his truck at a TAMU lot near the Corps housing area before leaving for a Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) event. When he came back he found that his truck had been burglarized. In addition to the theft of ROTC gear the criminals had also taken his “Senior Boots” (see side note below). The prayer was to ask for help in finding the boots as they couldn’t afford new ones, and to see if anyone had seen anything. Within a few hours of the posting of the prayer an account had been set up at one of the local boot purveyor establishments and within five hours the account had been closed – all the necessary funds ( approximately $2,000) had been donated.

    Ah, the side note. I’m not an Aggie, haven’t had any in our family, grew up in the East Coast, what did I know about boots? When our daughter, Aggie #1 (now we have 2), decided to go to TAMU a friend, a Marine Lieutenant Colonel Pilot/JAG asked me about the boots – I didn’t have a clue what he was talking about. Both I and my checkbook have since learned that Seniors in the TAMU Corps were “Senior Boots” [http://aggietraditions.tamu.edu/corps/boots.html] . Rather than have the rising Zip wear low quarters for a year a group of Aggie parents got the job done. I’m glad both of our kids are in an environment where they experience that kind of support and camaraderie.
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    Bravo and thank you for posting..Great to see the support pour-in and too bad we have to be wary of those around us at times. Gig 'em!

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