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    I just finished my freshman year and am interested in USMA and USNA. Can anyone comment on ways to improve my chances at getting in?


    3.9-4.0 GPA unweighted (Depends on results of Final Exams, also school doesn't rank but will be in top 10%, rumor is that my grade has the lowest average GPA in school history)
    Deans List/Recognition Award
    Honors Geometry and Alg II completed, doing Honors Pre-Calc over summer and maybe next year depending on how comfortable I am with the materiel
    Honors Chemistry Next Year
    PSAT Unnofficial (Had to take for Prep Service that I am doing over the Summer, but the scores are not official): 188


    Varsity Letter: Ice hockey

    Captain U15 Yeti Travel Lacrosse Team (Did not play this spring, chose to play golf)

    JV Golf

    Extracurriculars/Leadership Positions

    Model United Nations Delegate, one of only four freshman selected

    Newspaper Busniness Manager, 2nd and 3rd quarter, raised over $200 in subscriptions

    Newspaper Staff Writer, 4 consecutive articles published

    Future Business Leaders of America: President, CEO, (Founder, should I include?), spearheaded first profitable sale with profit margin of 200%, obtained contract with Theater Department to obtain advertisements, taking around 10% of all money taken in.

    Joining Navy Sea Cadets, 4/15 way through required reading on the Navy.

    Things that might happen over summer:

    Hopefully accepted to Standford Humanities and Education Leadership Program

    Struggling with Community Service: Not sure how I am going to volunteer, but I want it to be military-oriented (Grandfather, Mothers Cousin, Uncle all prior-service). Any tips on ways to get involved?

    Sincerely, and thank you for your time;

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    Just keep doing what you're doing. Being active in your community wouldn't hurt either. It doesn't have to be military related in any way. But if I'm not mistaken, the Sea Cadets should know about some if it's that important to you. Try to seek leadership positions in your sports/extra curricular activities and keep those grades up! Study for the SAT/ACT and if you don't think you did well, take them again.

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