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    Does anybody have insight as to what is more inportant in the WCS(for determining the winner of a competitve nomination): if two files are the exact same and in my case, I attended Army Basic Traning over the summer as a part of joining the National Guard, but have not gone through Advanced Training because of high school versus somebody who has attended a respectable college and shown success through a high GPA? Anything helps thanks!
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    I didn't see someone answer this so I'd thought I'd take a crack at it. Unfortunately there is no way to answer that and I think that's why no one has answered this post. There are so many factors that go into the WCS and you may think you have the same package as someone else but you really don't. You're individuals and bring unique things to the table that will be noticed and looked at by admissions.

    My advice on this one is control the things you can control and don't worry about others. The process and waiting is stressful enough, if you start adding in worrying about other peoples scores/applications you'll drive yourself crazy.
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    WCS info

    In the past the WCS was graded on something like the following. But this year things are much different with no rolling admissions, very few LOAs and the introduction of LOEs. This is why it is difficult to predict.

    Academics (60%)
    Class rank (15 points)
    SAT score (35)
    High School Grades (10)
    Extra points for Valedictorian/National Honor Society/National Merit Scholar

    Leadership (30%)
    School Leadership – extra points for class or student body president
    Eagle Scout/Gold Star Girls Scout
    Boys and Girls State
    Athletic Participation – Team Captain Status
    Team sports

    Fitness CFA (10%)

    Being a recruited athlete /Under Represented Minority/Active Service can fall in to different category pertaining to WP Class compositions.

    The standardized testing is a huge part of WCS and it is important to do your very very best and take the tests multiply times. My DS has taken ACT/SAT 8 times.

    Push Forward, Press Hard
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    Tug Boat has it about right. Each significant input is given points. The exact process is secret and changes slightly from year to year.
    It is impossible for a candidate to judge his/her file verses another because there are so many variables.
    Several things that can cause candidates and their parents to make incorrect conclusions in comparing candidates. Candidates never see the results of these graded items
    1. Interview - most candidates think they did well on the interview but that is not true
    2. Teachers recommendations. Again, I think most people think they got good reports from thier teachers. However, these recomendations are not always good
    3. Essays - Most people think they wrote good papers however the grading of these essays vary greatly

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