We are all so proud of the graduating seniors !!

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    This is one outstanding group of graduating seniors. We are so proud. All of them have become outstanding men and women who are responsible, disciplined, caring, dedicated to their careers and making the world a better place. So many of them have developed into just plain nice people. It is with sadness that we see them leave, but with a swelling of the heart as we know they will add much to society.

    Allow me to go back to a memory of 4 years ago. All these students looked scared, afraid of breaking a rule, nervous about DI's and what to do, and the fellows all looked alike with their shaved heads. On Sundays, they are allowed to come to chapel, if they want. Almost all of them do because it is air conditioned, they can sit, and they are not yelled at. At the end of the services they were told that I would be at the back of the chapel and if any of them needed a MOM hug I was available. What always has amazed me is that it is 100% of the students line up for a MOM hug and encouragement that they are going to make it and they are doing fine.

    Now, I look at these students soon to graduate. I think over the last 4 years, about the girlfriend breakup traumas, the encouragment over hanging on and don't give up, the lifelong friendships the girls have from Band of Sisters, the instructions on how to do just fine at sea, working through divorces of parents and helping them understand it was not their fault, helping them to see that drowning in alcohol is no solution and only puts off the responsibility of taking care of the problem.

    They were fresh out of high school when they came, but now they are mature adults, world travelers, who have learned much more about living life than just the classroom. Many of them will remain lifelong friends with us, and we are so proud to call them friends. They are wonderful.

    Have you got good memories to share about your graduate? We all would love to hear them.

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