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    My son enlisted in the Air Force in October 2009, not the Academy and is scheduled to leave for boot camp on 10/19. Several weeks ago, he went to the doctor for dry spots on his skin and was told by the Dr. he has psoriasis. The recruiter says he is DQ'd due to this condition. He took his oath in October, 2009 and is devastated by this news. He is signed up for Cryptolinguist position after boot camp. The recruiter says there is no way he will be accepted. Is this true? How do we go about getting a waiver. My son scored extremely high on his DLABS and qualifies for all categories offered in the linguist field. There is not a language on earth that he does not qualify to learn. How can the military simply toss aside a young man whose dream it is to serve his country. How do we overcome this adversity? How can I reach Larry Mullen and request his help? Please help my son.

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    As is listed in over 6,500 posts on this site, my email address is in my signature block. Pls cut and paste your posting and send your email to Larry.Mullen@dodmerb.tma.osd.mil. I'll be working 2 nite and traveling all day tomorrow, so it may be towards the end of the week before I reply:thumb:

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