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    This will most likely be my last question for a while since BEAST starts in about 3 weeks. I wanted to ask somethings about the accepted height/weight standard. I'm about 6ft tall and my weight is about 198lbs. Last time I checked my body fat I was about 18-20%. They told me based on the paper I received that someone of my caliber should be at most 200lbs with a body fat of 24%. Should I be worried and are they anythings I can do to lose an extra lbs or two before R-Day?
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    The way the Army does it (not sure on how the academy does it if they do) is they take your height, weight, then they measure your neck and belly from the belly button. You can be up to 24% to get into the Army on the enlisted side. Once you're actually in the Army, that goes down to 21 percent I believe. With that being said I was 201 at 5'7", 38" belly and a 17.5" neck and I was right at 21% when I went through MEPS. At my last PT test I measured at 36" belly with a 16.5" neck at 184 pounds. Measure in at 18%.

    Do not be discouraged if you have to get taped every time you take a PT test. The Army wants everyone to look like a stick based on their weight standards. It's a broken system that needs to change in my opinion. But anyways, use my measurements as a guide for where you're at now. My guess is they won't kick you out on R-day for being over tape. That would be silly. If you can't maintain the standard after beast, then I could see it being an issue.

    Work hard to stay in shape and it'll be the least of your worries.
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    well if you are worried, just look at your candidate portal and it tells you exactly what height you need to be at. it also tells you what method they use and you can just google how they tape. My mom and I have been doing that since January so when R-Day comes I won't be surprised.
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    Great to hear from you @OGKid96
    It sounds like you have worked hard all year for this goal and are about to start off strong and within standard. If you are within the range for your height weight table, then you will not receive the tape test for body fat percentage. If you are over the limit you can expect to be taped. Importantly whatever you or going to do or improve as you prepare for the last three weeks before RDay be sure to drink water and eat a little something before you report in the morning of RDay.
    Good luck Kid O
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