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Apr 2, 2008
Hello to everybody! I just wanted to let you all know that my daughter sent in her acceptance to USNA. She has really started to get excited about this and is spending time learning as much as possible in order to be as prepared as she can.

She's trying to understand the ranking system and to be able to identify them in a moments notice. It's a little different for her because she has always been in an Army centered environment but she'll get it down. She's also going to spend some time working on her swimming this spring. PT has never been an issue with her but she read that sometimes they substitute a 500 swim in place of the run (yikes)!

One question I wanted to ask is about her ROTC scholarship. We have been told by a good friend that attends USAFA that she shouldn't advise her scholarship school about accepting the appointment to USNA yet because he saw quite a few of his friends at summer training (whatever USAFA calls it) be sent home with medical issues. He said she may need this still if anything happens between now and then, and that she can notify them after she is medically okayed at USNA. It sounds good, but I feel like it is a little dishonest. We want a back up plan but part of me thinks this could be offered to another applicant at her scholarship school. What do you think?

Anyway, I'm really excited to be a USNA mom and am looking into joining their parents organization. They seem very organized and have a lot of information to help with the endless questions and worries. Okay, and here it goes......................................................

GO NAVY......BEAT ARMY!!!!:thumb:
I can tell you what we did. My girl had a full early-decision MCROTC scholarship. We called and asked when was the latest, from the Marine Corps end, we could reject the scholarship. Turned out it was AFTER I-Day at USNA.

My girl was a varsity swimmer and always running in local events - very active physical fitness with weights training as well. Her idea of celebrating her graduation was not to attend "Grad Night" but to get up the next morning and do the Camp Pendleton Mud Run. As her mom, I was always holding in the back of my mind that "God forbid" she injured herself and didn't make I-Day - she at least could start a regular college months later with the MCROTC and be good to go.

So even though she had that scholarship back in December of her Senior year, and her Appointment in January, she held onto both - and the morning she flew to USNA for I-Day we sent the response back to the MCROTC folk, rejecting the offer.
She's also going to spend some time working on her swimming this spring. PT has never been an issue with her but she read that sometimes they substitute a 500 swim in place of the run (yikes)!

They never really do that at all. You will have running tests (the PRT) and you will have lots of swim tests. Never a substitution of one for another.

For your info, this was from one of my old posts. It's the swimming requirements per year at USNA:
4/C - 200m swim (5:12 max), validate 3:30 or under
3/C - 400m swim (11 min max), validate 8:24 or under and 10m jump
2/C - "The 40 year" - Validate by swimming 1400m under 40 min, pass with 1000m in 40 min

The min validation times will earn you a 80% B in that class.
KaMiKaZi, thanks for the specifics on swimming. That's good to know ahead of time so she can work on those times. Also, do they requrie this to be achieved only in freestyle or can she choose any stroke?

Peskemom, thank you for your input. I guess we'll just hold onto her scholarship a little longer just in case she she does something unexpected this summer. You never know!:smile: