West Point Candidate Portal


Sep 16, 2017
Good evening. Thank you for addressing my earlier question about SLE admittance.

To give some background, I am currently a high school junior.

A few hours ago, I completed the candidate questionnaire and filled out all of the information correctly except for my graduation date. I am graduating in 2019 but accidentally input 2018.

I sent a message via the "request a change to your personal data" to change my graduation date and was wondering if they (the admissions office) can retroactively change this information.

I know that this is my fault and that I should have reviewed the form more carefully. If this single error will jeopardize my entire application or profile, please let me know.
I see you closed your file and are worried about making a mistake. Don't be!
My DS went through the entire process with an incorrect SSN. It was my fault, I had not pulled the original SSN card until he was gathering info for RDay. I called Admissions and the lady chuckled and said, it happens every year to a half a dozen kids... he is currently a Cow and still laughs about it. I can tell you, he wasn't laughing when we found the mistake but it was easily taken care of!
Bro it's not really a big deal. I remember being so concerned about SLE last year and after I was accepted I realized I shouldn't have stressed as much and probably should've had a little more fun my junior year. Relax :)