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    Hi. My name is Jenna Lynn Hadley, from Clinton, NJ. I honestly have no idea what this is or what it's about but I suppose it's like blogging? I don't even blog. Anyways. After much thought and prayer, the I feel the United States Military Academy is the place for me. However, I am so nervous about the physical test. I run XC and track so my running is fine, but the basketball throwing? What the heck? I'm so nervous about so many things I don't know where to start. I guess you (whoever you are) can add me on facebook, just send a note saying how you know me. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Have a lovely evening,
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    Hi Jenna!

    I'm a mom of a USMA appointee for the class of 2014. Our son is a multi-sport athlete and he worried about the basketball throw, too!

    I remember reading a few tips when we first found these boards. Here are a couple of links that I went back and found. The first is a thread from this forum, the second is a link to an article from one of the Army publications.



    See if you can find the male and female target scores for the CFA and then focus on the averages rather than the top scores!

    I wish you luck in your pursuit!


    P.S. These forums have been a great place to ask questions and get answers from current cadets, current cadet hopefuls and former graduates who have many pieces of wisdom to share.

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