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Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by Yongkihan, Apr 27, 2016.

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    Hi guys,

    I just got my QNS letter a few hours ago, but it didn't specify preparatory school. Am I still in the running for prep school? Is there any action I can take to somehow turn things around in my favor? I heard some stories that some people received QNS but eventually got into prep.
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    Prep is for those who are 2Q and lacking the Q for scholastic. The additional year of Prep is intended to help bolster that part of someone's resume. If you are 3Q you are not eligible for Prep.

    There are always stories about someone who knew someone who thought this or that, but doesn't mean it is accurate.
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    Time is correct for USMAPS. But, what we were told when DS was presented with the option of going AOG civil prep, is that civil prep is only given to 3Q'd. But, we also think, although everyone tells us it is not the case, that once he had civil prep option on his file, his chances at direct admit went down. We were also told that the AOG deal was decided a while back, sometime around February/March, and that it would keep him on the list, even after QNS letters went out. And, although he declined the scholarship and attending civil prep, he has still not gotten his qns letter. DS is in a better place though, with direct in at USMMA. So, I don't know about what they do now, but you may call your admissions officer to see.
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    Agree with golfindad...civil prep can be for 3q candidates. My 2018 ds was 3q and received an aog scholarship to attend civil prep....

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