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May 5, 2007
WWII-style service dress khakis, updated crackerjacks to be tested


The Navy will begin wear tests this fall for three proposed new uniforms: a “throwback” service dress khaki uniform, along with crackerjacks that feature more sailor-friendly fabrics and a tailored fit, Navy Times has learned.

The prototypes, approved by Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Mike Mullen in March, could hit the fleet by September.

In addition, officials are hopeful that Mullen will soon give the final nod to a Navy-wide PT uniform....


A throwback khaki uniform for chiefs and officers along with reworked crackerjack uniforms will be wear tested in the fall for possible adoption in the fleet.

I'm definately excited about the Khaki's. I've always thought they looked sharp. The only problem is that it will be yet another uniform to 1. purchase and 2. maintain. The Navy has so many uniforms as compared to the Air Force and Army.

I also was at Abbott's uniform shop in pensacola recently talking to them about the khaki uniform and the guy there said that they had been talking about this for a while, but the problem was the price. They said the current price point for the uniform was around $600. That is just way too much for a uniform, so I hope they figure something out. Unfortunately as officers we don't get a yearly uniform allowance, just a one time $400 payout.
Oh, MAN! Why didn't they do this when I was in? :mad:

The Khaki Class-A's are just the bee's knees! I've loved those things ever since I was watching old WWII movies as a kid!
I just want to know if the cigar is going to be a required or optional uniform accessory.
WWII-style service dress khakis

WWII, my ass. I was issued and wore that uniform. Left it in the bottom of a duffle bag for a year in Vietnam and the mildew spotted it. Not bad enough to not wear it home but too bad to keep it, darn it.
One question - Did the Navy really name a uniform after that little sailor guy on the Crackerjacks box?
C'mon. Be honest. How old are you REALLY? :biggrin: :wink:

I think Zumwalt simplified uniforms in one of his infamous Z-Grams and SDKs were one of the simplifications. It went away about 1975, if I remember correctly.

I had just turned 22 when I graduated.
One question - Did the Navy really name a uniform after that little sailor guy on the Crackerjacks box?

Anyone who has anything to do at all, no matter how remotely, with that service whose most noble tradition was the cavalry and has allowed it to degrade to a bunch of Maytag repairmen on horseback, has absolutely no right whatsoever to make any comments at all about another service's uniforms.