What a Div III Athletic Complex!

Excellent! You are so right about the facilities, a lot of which have been upgraded in the past two years.

1)Field Turf football field which is also used for lacrosse.

2)Field Turf soccer field-opens this fall. Can be used for lacrosse as well. Surrounded by brand new running track and facilities for field events.

3)Top drawer baseball and softball fields along with intramural softball field.

4)Jacob's Rock sailing center-one of the best around.

5)Rowing Center-among the top facilities in New England(my avatar is of four of the crew dudes who won the Bronze Medal at the NE Championships)

6)Field house for basketball, volleyball, weightlifting, track and field, and swimming.

The school has a great athletic program with 60% of the kids participating in one of 23 varsity sports!

Football hasn't been great lately but they have very competitive teams in every sport, both varsity and club. Rugby team won the national championship, crew is in the top five in New England, volleyball was ECAC champions and so on.

The alumni support is great and the coaching is top shelf.

Good luck to your son and hopefully he won't roast in the 90 degree temps this week.
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Son will be excited to know about the turf. He is a lax goalie and it makes the balls bounce in straighter and makes them somewhat easier to save. Many times he stands in mud with tuffs of grass and will lose it on the bounce.

Is lax going Division III anytime soon? Isn't KPs team Division III?

Funny, he applied to AIM but wasn't picked in the lottery. Three weeks ago a Commander called him to talk about the visitation days and playing hockey. He told him that hockey is really big there and that they really would like him to go for a visit. He has played hockey since he was 4, but has won all the awards for lax.
Good job by your son. I'm not aware of any move to make lacrosse Div. III. The CGA has lots of club sports but that doesn't mean they are not competitive and exciting to watch. The rugby club won a national title and the ice hockey team also plays club but goes against really good teams. The lax team plays schools like UConn, Boston College, Northeastern, BU and New Hampshire. As with many sports the CGA, which has about 1000 students, goes head to head with much bigger schools. Another example is crew in which my son's team beat North Carolina out in the national championships for fifth place.
A lot of it has to do with Title IX issues...some sports are called "club" even though they are in effect varsity.
The ice hockey team competes against schools such as UConn, Bates, Vermont, and Springfield. Again it is club level.
As far as KP their lax is D-3; but if you look at the schedule it is not overly impressive...Vassar, Mt. St. Vincent, Stockton...anyway again it probably is a Title XIX thing. They have very few women at the school so they can have different sports be varsity-level.
Anyway, good luck to your son in whatever he decides to do.